Who Made Bobb?

Bobb looooves life! A keen supporter of .BLOG Domains, Bobb is a person who wears many hats — he is an IT geek by profession, a chef after work, and a traveler, photographer and sprinter by passion. A jack of all trades, Bobb leads a colourful and exciting life which is meant to be shared! So he started 5 different blogs but had some trouble getting the best .COM domains as the majority of them are taken.
Eventually, Bobb decided to go for bobb.blog! Oh… how nice!
And that’s how Bobb started 5 different blogs and had a bunch of loyal followers.

WPWebHost powers Bobb’s passion! It offers Bobb the best .BLOG domain and the most powerful WordPress hosting, which comes with all the out-of-the-box WordPress features.

About WPWebHost

As the new kid on the block, WPWebHost definitely impresses. We are the sister company of Exabytes (a web hosting company with 18 years of experience and a strong presence in Southeast Asia) and so we’ve inherited many of the traits that made Exabytes great to begin with.

We call ourselves a Premium Managed WordPress hosting provider’, and we’ve got plenty of performance boosting tools befitting a managed WordPress host (SSD storage, NGIX tech, http/2, the works).

The newly launched Managed WordPress service, which comes with Automattic’s Jetpack at no extra charges and a free lifetime .BLOG domain name.This addition would benefit its users and help their business stand out from the competition.

So far, WPWebHost seems to be the bee’s knees with slew of features and speed, although our service is still new.

To wrap it up, WPWebHost is definitely a great host when it comes to features and speed. Our dedicated 24/7 support team is based in Penang, Malaysia.

About the Exabytes Group

about Exabytes

The Exabytes Group powers over 200,000 customers (from individuals, small and medium sized businesses, to government and public listed companies) in 121 countries with products, services and technology to energize their online web presence, customer engagement, customer relationship, digital marketing, website creation solutions, and more. Exabytes family of brands include: Exabytes Malaysia, Exabytes Singapore, Exabytes International, Exabytes Indonesia, Exabytes Digital, Usonyx, Signetique, WPWebHost, easyparcel and easystore.

Headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, Exabytes is currently backed by over 200 enthusiastic web professionals who manage 1000+ servers with 100,000+ websites, and 1,000,000+ email accounts. Exabytes’ presence spread across several countries in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

As one of the leading Web, Cloud and E-Commerce Hosting Companies in Southeast Asia, Exabytes is in its 18th year of operation. With deep understanding on the business requirements for online setups and E-Commerce, Exabytes offers the clients an end-to-end website hosting solution unmatched by its competitors, ranging from cloud hosting, E-Commerce application, marketing engine, and dedicated network systems and more.