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Bobb's Blog!

Bobb, The IT Geek!


The ever-evolving landscape of technology is what keeps me interested in IT all the time. I’ve been working in the software testing field since 1998, before starting off as an automation developer and blogger in 2013. On my blog, I share useful tutorials that teach people system management, technology strategy and security. My blog is also a place where I share my insights, presentation slides, and other random thoughts on tech with other fellow bloggers!

Bobb, The Passionate Chef


Living a healthy lifestyle is a trend today. I always build delicious and healthy meals and share with everyone on my blog, which is also a great platform for me to meet and interact with other famous chefs! I’m so excited to share recipes and get new inspirations from them!

Bobb, The Quirky Traveller!


Travelling gives me the golden opportunity to meet with people all around the world and expose myself to new culture. I also share my tips, stories, thoughts, travel hack and advice while I continue my journey around the world. Everything, including the tools and resources are shared on my blog. It’s a pleasure to provide detailed analysis on the latest trends in travelling and some of my epic backpacker travel guides! Go off the beaten track and go on a real adventure!

Bobb, The Shutterbug


Photography is a way to express my feelings and stories to other people. I like sharing my techniques, gear and photo collection with people who have the same passion as I do. As I share the tips on my photography blog, I receive lots of enquiries regarding the cameras and the gear I use, which inspired me to start selling cameras online. Oh yeah.. I also offer photoshop tutorials every Sunday. Feel free to check it out!

Bobb, The Sprinter


It’s my passion to share my diet tips, strategies, exercise and workouts from beginner level to advanced on my blog so that more and more people can apply them to their life, achieve weight loss, live longer and stronger! My aim is to provide inspiration, motivation and ideas you need to get and stay fit, exercise and be healthy despite a busy life schedule. I have a pilates class on Monday from 4.00pm – 6.00pm, and everyone is welcome to join! If you can’t make it, I also have some videos posted online which you can watch alongside your workouts!

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